August 4, 2009

Isms of the Boogie

Or in other words, Boogie-isms.

  • This morning I reviewed her memory verse with her. I would say part of it, then she would say the next word. I repeated the whole thing to her and she said, "Very good, honey! You so smart!"
  • When she is upset with me she shakes her finger in my face saying, "Don't even touch me! Do you hear me? Do you unnerstand? Say 'okay'!"
  • On our way to HMart last weekend for my coffee fix we told her where we were going. "HMart?" she said, "I LOVE HMart!"
  • Purses are "persons."
  • When I return after having been away for a while she hugs me tightly while saying delightedly, "Honey! I so happy to see you!"
I need to keep writing this stuff down so I don't forget it!

1 comment:

Engrafted Lives said...

Absolutely Jersey Mama, write this stuff down. Keep a journal and then you will be able to pass it down to her once she starts a family (or whatever age you deem appropriate). Funny stuff. I imagine it is hard at times to keep a straight face, especially when she is being scolded. Parenting is tough, huh.