August 30, 2009

Eeek! A Spider!

Not really. The Boogie has a large plastic spider that she likes to make "crawl" up us until we shriek in mock terror and throw it across the room. She thinks it is hilarious.

When she is worried about something she says, "Oh no! Wha' we po'tsa do?" [What are we supposed to do.]

If she is perplexed by something she says, "Wha' da worl'?" [What in the world?]

The other night in the car during her running monologue we caught this: "Oh, waiter. -- Yes? -- What's in my soup?"

Yesterday she sniffed at something, wrinkled her nose and commented, "Hmm, smells ... like ... garbage!"

She is very polite and likes to introduce herself. "Hi," she'll say to anyone, including family, as she pats her chest, "I Boogie." Then she points to me and My Man saying, "Dat's Honey. Dat's Daddy." She likes to pretend she's someone else, too. "Hi!" she says to me, "I Honey!" I play along and say in a deep voice, "Oh, you're Honey? Hi Honey, I'm Daddy." Sometimes she's "Plablo" or Tyrone or Tasha from "The Backyardigans." It's cute to see her imagination at work.

She loves to sing. At any given time she will be humming or singing. Lately every now and then she'll lapse into a Bob Dylan-like method. I don't believe she's ever heard Bob Dylan and I cannot figure out where she picked this up. But it is distinctly Dylanesque.

Last night she peed in her potty again. I think this makes 3 times! I really don't think she's ready, so we're not pushing anything. If she's interested in sitting there for a few minutes we'll set her up with a couple of books and see if something happens.

My Man worked hard this week helping his dad with the new deck at 52. They did a great job and the deck looks awesome! Unfortunately on Wednesday while clearing out a few trees and some brush they encountered what we think must have been poison sumac. He noticed some scratches and raised bumps on Thursday. By Friday morning he had some blistering, and by Friday night some of the blisters on his legs were HUGE. My poor Man. He's been very uncomfortable. He wasn't the only one to develop blisters but his are the worst. Hopefully it won't bother him to wear boots tomorrow.

It's been a good week. My Man has to go back to work tomorrow but next Monday is Labor Day so that means three-day-weekend! We think for his next furlough at the end of September we'll try to take a couple of days for something fun.

Bedtime for Boogies ...


Wendy Glosser said...

I LOVE your boogie stories! She's soooo cute and obviously soooo smart!

Engrafted Lives said...

The Boogie just cracks me up! And, you narrate so well, Jersey Mama!