August 7, 2009

But Wait, There's More!

Here are some more VBS pics. I took as many as I could before my battery died! I think I still missed one classroom, though.

There are fish in this "pond."

The Boogie was enthralled with them.

My Man and FIL do the VBS skits every year; each time My Man plays some wacky character. He always tries to integrate some kind of slapstick pratfall or running into a door or something like that. Apparently on the first night he fell to the floor and the Boogie freaked out. She cried and cried and refused to be comforted. By the time I arrived from work she had calmed down but her little nose and eyes were all pink and swollen from weeping. Here is My Man dressed up as his character, Brian Freeze.

The Boogie is terrified of him dressed like this. As soon as he walked in last night she began to cry and I had to take her out! It seems to be the glasses that are especially scary.

She is having a difficult time this week. I think going to church (which doesn't look like church with all the decorations) every night and seeing her daddy morph into a stranger has been too much for her. All the way to church last night she kept pleading to take a nap, so I set up a pack'n'play in FIL's office -- then she clung to me and refused to be put down. Thankfully one of the craft ladies distracted her with crayons and paintbrushes and she was better during the rest of the evening.

She seems to be okay at home, though. Cute and silly as ever!

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