March 8, 2012

A New Cousin!

The Boogie and Peabody have a new cousin! Baby O -- or should that be O-Baby? -- was born yesterday afternoon. SIL2 only went four days past her due date so I imagine she is happy about that. I got to go visit for a little bit this afternoon and hold him for a few minutes. As always when I hold a newborn I was struck by how small he seemed, although at 7 lbs 10 oz he is nicely average. It's hard to remember my girls being that small. (Actually, only the Boogie was that small. Peabody was almost nine pounds.) Anyway, it's nice to have a baby in the family again! Praise the Lord for a healthy little boy.

It was warm and windy today. DR came over and we played outside for a bit. All day the three kids were just off: Peabody was whiny and clingy and getting into everything she wasn't supposed to be; DR and the Boogie picked at each other, and the Boogie talked back to me and tattled on the other two constantly. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with everyone ... and then I remembered -- it was a full moon last night. I don't understand why it is, but on more than one occasion I have dealt with crabby people during the full moon! That includes children and adults. It is a bizarre thing but I'll bet that if you are observant you will notice the same thing.

Children are soundly sleeping and it's time to put George up to some more shenanigans. Stay tuned for more news in upcoming days ...

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Rhonda said...

I hope your news is wait worthy, because the full moon has made me grumpy.