March 7, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

Yesterday the Boogie went to play with her cousin DR, and the Pheebs went grocery shopping with me. Peabody was VERY unhappy that she didn't get to go with her sister into DR's house, but was easily distracted by some fun kid music in the car and a Tic-Tac. Tic-Tac's, I have learned, are the remedy to soothe many upsets. The Boogie had a blast with her cousin and I didn't have to listen to her constant chatter for several hours. Bless her heart, I am thankful for her ability to talk, but some days it is never.ending. I often remind myself to be thankful that she wants to talk to me because I know that the day might come when she won't want to. I pray that day never comes, though!

It was fun to shop with only the Pheebs. She did remarkably well despite our needing to go to four places. She waved and said hello to everyone! Most everyone smiled and said hello back; I don't understand the ones who ignore an adorable toddler cheerily greeting them. What is wrong with some people? Yogurt-covered raisins got us through Costco, and french fries from Burger King kept her happy through Aldi. In one store she tried to lay down in the cart seat saying, "I pleepy. Go ni'-ni'!"
"You're sleepy?" I asked.
"Yeah," she said (it sounds like ja when she says it,) and grinned impishly at me, "I pleepy. Go ni'-ni'. Where cuppy?" A sippy cup is a requirement at nap- and bed-time. But she didn't go to sleep at all, not even in the car on the way home.

We had plenty to time to browse around. At TJMaxx I found a new bag for my Sunday school curriculum. When I did our wedding registry at Macy's 6 years ago they gave me a vinyl-ey tote; I've been using it for Sunday school stuff for the past several years. It's starting to crack and tear so I figured I should replace it before the handles come off while I'm carrying it -- you know that would happen at the most inopportune time, like right over a puddle in the church parking lot or something. My new bag is a bit bigger and should last me a long time, I hope.

At Costco we cruised up and down a few aisles not previously explored. I am constantly surprised by the amazing variety of things you can get at Costco; yesterday I was surprised by large appliances (think washing machines and dryers), mattresses, and picture frames.

At Aldi I picked up a bunch of six roses for $3.99. Really, you just can't beat that. They are so lovely and I am kicking myself for not buying TWO bunches. Maybe I'll stop again on my way home from work tonight.

Now the dreaded grocery shopping is done and hopefully I won't have to go again for a while, aside from a quick trip for milk and eggs and fruit. The older I get the more I dislike it, yet I know that the bigger our kids get (and the more we have!) the more shopping I will have to do. Bleh.

Also I feel like this most days:
(Someone posted this on Facebook, and I imagine it came from Pinterest, but that's as much credit as I can give.) I wish I loved to cook ... but I don't. Maybe someday I will.

Stay tuned for some changes around here. No, baby #3 is not on the way. But I'll have some news to share soon!

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