March 17, 2012

Sunny Saturday

We should be playing outside right now but we just got back from a short walk to find that the pest control people had sprayed our yard. I knew they were coming but I forgot. So now we have to wait a little while.

It has been a very very lazy day. Peabody slept late so when the Boogie got up she came into bed with me and played a game on the Nintendo DS while I dozed. Eric is the only one who has accomplished much of anything today, and even he took a nap. It's been an old-movies-on-Netflix kind of day.

This morning Peabody said, "Honey, look," and showed me something suspicious on her hand. It turned out she'd been digging in her dirty diaper. Yuck. I am really worried that she will fill a diaper during naptime and decide to take it off. Later I told her to throw something away and when she came out of the kitchen she was eating a chip she'd taken out of the trash! Nasty child.

She has pottied in the toilet once or twice almost every day this week. Sometimes she tells us she needs to go, and sometimes we catch her in the middle of going and run her into the bathroom. She gets an M&M for producing something. "En em!" she shouts, jumping around.

When I give her something she says, "Day doo. Day doo, Honey." If I offer something that she doesn't want she shakes her head and says, "No, no day doo, Honey." So cute.

We went out for dinner and got the girls ice cream to share. "Ah wa', ah wa' i' meem! [I want ice cream!]" she exclaimed.

She likes to point to and identify things around her. In her crib she has to name blankies, George, pillow, cuppie, and herself.

The Boogie said to me, "I think girls have pink bones and pink hearts so you know they are girls. And boys have red bones and red hearts so you know they are boys."

Her marker dried up while she was using it. "Oh no," she said sadly, "my pen ran out of oil."

I let her watch the Shirley Temple version of Heidi. I thought it might be over her head but she watched the whole thing with interest and running commentary. Later she told Eric that she really liked "that movie Haiti." It took a description for us to make the connection!

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Chrissy said...

I love the pen running out of oil! : ) Your girlies are just so cute!