March 20, 2012


We've had spring-like weather for several weeks now, it seems, but today we are officially finished with winter. The warmer temperatures have been strange combined with still-bare trees and bushes, although buds are popping out all over the place and daffodils are everywhere! It's nice to hear birds singing and the other night after work I had my car window cracked and could hear peeper frogs. I actually wore short sleeves to work yesterday. Peabody brings us "plah plops" to be put on her and asks for a "coh" to wear "ou'si'." Sadly for Eric, warm weather means growing grass. I don't think mowing can be put off much longer.

I learned something new about my husband the other day. He made us each a cup of coffee and put both cups on the table. One was light blue and the other was a pastel green. He told me which was mine. I quickly drank it and a few minutes later he came over to the table and asked, "Where's my coffee?"
"It's right there," I said, "I drank mine. You said mine was the light blue one."
"Yeah," he said, holding up the green cup, "this one!"
"But that's green!" I argued. "You said mine was blue so that's the one I drank."
"I meant this one," he said, peering at the cup in his hand, "it's kind of blue-green."
"Well, maybe a little bit blue-green, but next to this one ..." I got mine and set them side by side, "... yours is definitely green and mine is definitely blue."
He stared at them and shook his head. "They both look blue to me. And this one is lighter," pointing to the green one.
How can I have been married to this man for almost six years and never realized that he is color-blind?!

The Boogie did some schoolwork this afternoon. I've discovered that she recognizes a few sight words -- along with all of our names, she recognizes red, blue, yellow, and green. I'm very impressed considering that I have never really taught her any words at all. She is also learning how to use scissors, something I recently realized that I had been neglecting to teach her!

We played outside this afternoon with chalk, then went for a long walk after Eric got home. I just can't get over this weather. It's as if we skipped March and April and went right into May! It will be a shock to have real spring weather, if/when it happens.

Peabody loves to have her picture taken and says "cheese" or "cheeseburger!"

She sings all the time, just like her sister.

I caught them wrestling and giggling the other day.
Peabody: the winnah

Goofy girls.

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Mrs. Mobunny said...

Looks like you all have a great yard for little girls to play....and a dog to romp.
And I know a guy that can't tell the difference between maroon and purple.