March 12, 2012

Springing Forward

It wasn't so bad on Sunday morning, despite girls going to bed 1.5 hours late on Saturday night. We managed to get to church on time, even though Eric and I ate breakfast in the car on the way, and I had to ask the nursery worker to please feed Peabody her waffles during Sunday school. We all even took naps in the afternoon. But today ... oh today ... I'm dragging. Losing the hour and having to adjust is the only thing I dislike about daylight savings time; I love the extra daylight at the end of the day! It might even still be light when I leave work tonight which would be wonderful. Only EIGHT days until spring! I see daffodils blooming everywhere and am kicking myself for not planting bulbs last fall. The weather has been so nice and this week we are supposed to see temperatures in the seventies, several days in a row.

Well, let's see, what is there to write about today ...

The other day the Boogie ate an apple all the way down to the core. She brought three seeds to me in the palm of her hand. "Look!" she said excitedly, "Apple seeds! I want to plant them and grow an apple garden."

And speaking of planting things, we were in the backyard on Saturday and Eric started poking around in a little sinkhole that's back there. He grabbed a shovel and dug up some strips of metal, some bricks, an old kitchen knife ... and then started pulling old bottles out of the dirt! He found about a dozen good-sized bottles. I didn't look too closely but he said a label (or a cap or something) said it was some kind of champagne. They were definitely the size of wine or champagne bottles, and the glass seemed pretty thick. None of them were broken. A previous owner must have buried them there, but why? Why in the world would someone bury empty wine or champagne bottles in their backyard? That's, like, way more effort than tossing them in the trash.
He was all for continuing to dig but finally decided that one hole at a time in the backyard is sufficient. Now we'll have to find some fill dirt. I wonder what else is back there? And ... I wonder if I really want to know?

Curious George took a break for a few nights but this morning the Boogie discovered him hanging on the doorknob on the inside of their door. "Do you think he was trying to get out?" I asked. "No," she shook her head, "I think he was just trying to get into trouble." She has been rather, hmmm, let me see ... negative lately, arguing with and questioning things all the time. She is normally fairly cheerful as a rule but has been more pouty when she doesn't get her way. We deal with it but I hope it's a phase that passes soon as it's getting pretty old, man.

As for Peabody, she continues to occasionally tell me or MIL that she needs to potty, and will go in the toilet or her little potty seat. Not bad for 22 months old! Her vocabulary improves every day and she speaks to us in phrases and sometimes short sentences. The other day she said, "So, Honey, ah you do-ding [how you doing]?" Talk about a little mimic -- the Boogie says that exact phrase all the time. "I'm good," I said, "how're you doing?" "Goo'," she said, nodding. When she prays sometimes she folds her hands nicely, and sometimes she rubs her face and head the whole time; however she always keeps her eyes squeezed tightly closed. She still goes around and has us all kiss her fist at bedtime, and it still makes me laugh every time! She is starting to say names of colors though I know it's just coincidence if she gets something right.

Enough procrastinating! I have work to do before I go to work. Such is life, right?


Abbie @ lovinourchaos said...

I love to hear about your kids! You are such a wonderful, loving Mommy! And I promise your wreath and some surprise goodies are on their way. Please forgive me... :-/

Mrs. Mobunny said...

hmmmm, now I have something else to wonder about that I will never have the answer to....thanks. WHY WHY WHY were the bottles buried?