March 1, 2012

30 Days Makes a Habit

That's what I've heard, anyway. Today will make thirty days of posting so we'll see about that.

I am incredibly happy that we've made it to March! This is going to be a good month, I think. The winter has been so mild and we only have a few more weeks until it's officially spring. I only have one very small, miniscule in fact, complaint about a mild winter with hardly any snow -- the girls got sleds for Christmas, and this was the first year I actually bought snow boots for them. The boots still have tags on them and will be outgrown by next winter. Oh well, at least the Pheebs should be able to eventually use the ones I bought for the Boogie. And hopefully no snow during the winter won't mean a drought this summer.

Also it occurred to me the other day that a mild winter might mean worse insects during warmer weather. Could that be true? I really hate mosquitoes, and we also get these teeny tiny pinching bugs in our yard. We didn't spray for bugs at all last year but I think we might this year. I have plans for the backyard and I don't want pesky insects keeping us from using it.

The Boogie and Peabody are playing with some flashcards. "Honey, we're playing school!" the Boogie exclaimed. "Peabody is the teacher and I'm her dassistant!"

I walked into a room to find her tracing all over her open palm with the finger of her other hand. "Hi Honey," she said, "I'm pretending this is my iPhone, and I'm playing games on it." Oh, this age we live in. She was probably playing Angry Birds.

So as not to exclude the small one, how cute is this?

 And this?

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