March 5, 2012

Or Not

It would seem that in my case thirty days does NOT make a habit.

Yesterday Peabody got in the car and put down the arm rests on the Boogie's seat. "Look!" the Boogie exclaimed, "Peabody put down my arm relaxers so I can relax my arms!"

We heard a motorcycle on a nearby road. "What's that?" the Boogie asked.
"What do you think it is?" I asked her.
"I think ... it's a molarcycle."
"I see," I said, "and why do you think that?"
"Because it sounds fast, like a mole!"

Curious George has been up to more shenanigans in the night. This morning he was discovered in a bag hanging at the foot of the Boogie's bed. "My goodness, would you look at that?" I said. "How do you think he got in there?"
"I don't know," said the Boogie, "I couldn't see how he did it because I was too busy sleeping."

SIL2 is due any day with the newest cousin. Every time the Boogie sees her aunt she asks, "So, how's the baby doing in there?"

We went to Friday's for dinner and the Pheebs got chicken strips and some fruit. Her chicken came with a honey mustard sauce. "Deeep!" she said delightedly, and proceeded to dip everything into it, including diced mango and pineapple. Yum ... blech. She will eat just about anything with dip ... or rather, she will eat dip off of anything. She has to be reminded to actually eat the food because it's so much more fun to just suck sauce off of things.

She loves to put on "plah-plops" and if she asks I'll let her wear a pair of Croc knock-offs in the house. However, slippers are way less fun despite monkey faces on them. Why is that? I am constantly putting her slippers back on her. Since our house is built on a concrete slab, the floors can be cooooold right through the carpet.

She can climb up on the dining room chairs -- I keep a coloring book and some crayons on the table for her -- but can't get down. "Honeeeeey," she whines, "I guuuuck!" Similarly she can pull out the piano bench to climb up, and lift the piano lid. She "plays" and sings which is very cute (for a while) but doesn't know how to get down.

She is saying so many words and phrases so clearly. Not only can I understand her but other people can often make out what she's saying, too!

Someone gave us each a treat last night at church. Peabody found hers today and asked for it. "Mmmm, cookie," she said repeated contentedly as she ate it.


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