July 18, 2009

Baby Turtle

There is a tiny turtle living in the pond at 52. He just showed up one day and has stuck around. See him?
We often see him swimming around and sunning himself on rocks. Then one day I went out to look at him and found this ...
... and we've found him this way several times since! Do you think he thinks this is his mama? It makes me laugh!

We went to Camden on Tuesday with all my coworkers to watch the Riversharks play. It was a perfect night for a ballgame. The Boogie was very excited and chattered away to everyone around her ... ... until the mascot showed up. He was a giant shark and while he stayed down on the walkway she was okay. Then someone asked her if she wanted to go down to see him. She shook her head frantically and clung to me. Then the shark came up the stairs past us and the Boogie FREAKED OUT. She was very subdued for the rest of the game and kept looking over my shoulder for the very scary shark. The doctor bought her a little one which she eventually warmed up to. We had a really fun time at the game! We ate hot dogs and nachos and sunflower seeds and funnel cake.
The other day in the middle of a conversation with me the Boogie suddenly said, "I'm a monkey!" and made this face.I have no idea where she learned it but she's been doing it constantly ever since.

Yesterday was so hot and muggy. After dinner we were so tired of being inside so we went out front. It was starting to rain but we stayed pretty dry under a big tree. The Boogie picked up a stick and pretended it was a microphone. "Attention, dinosaurs!" she shouted into it. Then she turned to us and shrugged her shoulders saying, "They never listen." This child watches too much television.

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