July 10, 2009

If You Buy Cheap Things

Every other time I buy glass cleaner, I get the cheap one. I peruse the shelf of bottles and compare prices and think, "What's the difference? Glass cleaner is glass cleaner," as I grab the bottle that will only set me back ninety-seven cents.

Then the next time I clean my bathroom mirror I remember why the last bottle I bought was the good stuff.

If there's anything worse than having to stand on your toes in order to see your whole face in the bathroom mirror, it's a streaky and water-spotted reflection right after you cleaned it. (For the record, I do have to stand on my toes in order to see my whole face in the bathroom mirror. It was obviously hung by a MAN.)

I can buy another bottle of glass cleaner, but what do I do with this one? Leave it in my cleaning caddy forever? Pour it *gasp* down the drain??? I always face this dilemma and I always end up doing the same thing: using it until it's gone and then buying the good stuff.

It's a vicious cycle, I tell you.


Mommypants said...

Maybe buy the good stuff and mix the two?

nene8200 said...

Use it as a cleaner on other stuff, maybe?

Jenn Woolf said...

What nene said!

You're funny!