July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle Furry

Today my youngest brother, Furry, is nineteen years old. He is a pretty swell person and I love him a lot. Furry, if you are reading this, I wish that we could send you a plane ticket for your birthday so you could come visit us again, but we can't ... so we'll just have to remember the last time you came. (And I'll get your gift in the mail as soon as I, um, you know, get you a gift. I know you're okay with that cuz that's how you and I roll.)

In no particular order ...

Furry, I just want you to know ... you are my favorite!


I Was Born In 1984! said...

H is my favorite brother, too!

Jenn Woolf said...

Wow! You and your brother sure do look alike!