July 23, 2009

I Can Laugh At Myself

If you know me in real life and have known me for very long, you know that I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed. You may also have read this which proves my point. But most of the time I can usually laugh at the dumb things I say and do. To prove it I'm going to share the latest thing with you so you can laugh, too.

One of my duties at the chiropractor's office is to take brief medical histories of the new patients and then review the histories with the doctor before he examines and adjusts the patient. This gives him more time to actually do the adjusting as patients often tend to be very long-winded and give drawn-out answers to questions like, "Where is your pain?" and "When did it start?" One of the new patients yesterday afternoon had previously had back surgery. When I went over that fact with the doctor, he asked, "Where did she have the surgery?" I thought it was an odd question (why did he care where she had the surgery?) but looked through her file and told him, "Jefferson Hospital." He chuckled and said, "No, I meant where on her back?"

Well, duh. Of course that's what he meant. Because, you know, he's a chiropractor who will be adjusting the lady's back. See what I mean? I'm just not too bright! Sadly it's pretty much par for the course for me.

Honestly I just wasn't on top of my game at work yesterday. I felt like I kept making stupid little mistakes. I hate days like that, but they're bound to happen occasionally, right? Nothing to do but move on and make the next day a better one. Since the next day is today it's time to get started doing just that. Happy Thursday to you!

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Jenn Woolf said...

Haha! You're awesome.

That is so something I would do! I love your blog, I'm going to have to come back tonight and really scope it out. You're too funny, plus I feel a connection, being a Jersey girl and all. We Jersey girls are pretty cool. =)