July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

It is eleven-thirty in the a.m. and I am still jammied. My Man has gone to get his brother's truck so we can finally (finally, FINALLY!!!) return BIL/SIL2's mattresses to them and finally (finally, FINALLY!!!) put the Boogie's toys back into her bedroom. Actually, to be completely honest, I don't really mind some of them in the living room. I just mind ALL of them in the living room. Anyway, I'd better get dressed soon so I can help carry mattresses downstairs.

It is a perfectly beautiful day. After naptime this afternoon there will be a cookout at 52 and then a movie and fireworks on the Big Screen. The Big Screen is something that My Man and SIL3 dreamed up. They built wooden braces and set them up on the back porch roof. Then SIL3 sewed together nine white sheets into one giant white sheet. They hung the giant white sheet from the wooden braces and voila, a Big Screen. Believe me, it is ENERMIS. I promise to take pictures and post them later so you can see how enermis it is.

Yesterday I went wedding dress shopping. Not wedding dress as in bridal gown (since of course I already have one of those) but wedding dress as in dress-to-wear-to-the-wedding-that-I'm-singing-in-next-weekend. First I went to TJMaxx and looked and looked and looked and tried on dress after dress. I didn't find anything that was it, you know? But I found a couple of dresses that I thought maybe could possibly work, so I bought them (after first reviewing the return policy to make sure I could take them back) and decided to just run over to Ross really quickly. Within ten minutes of arriving at Ross I had six dresses to try on, and of those six found two more that would work even better than the TJMaxx dresses. I bought those two as well (after reviewing the return policy) and brought four dresses home. I tried them all on for My Man last night and we both agreed on The One ... which of course came from Ross (and was less than $20, woot woot.) I've learned my lesson: always go to Ross first. I've always found what I needed there, always, every single time.

Okay, seriously, I must get dressed before noon. This is ridiculous.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!


Engrafted Lives said...

I love it when you can get a bargain, PTL!

Our Family said...

I love bargains too! Ross is a neat store.