July 20, 2009


The other night, just as I turned out the light and rolled onto my side, I saw a flash of light right outside our bedroom door. I sat up in bed and leaned over to try to see down the hallway just as there was another flash. It startled me for a moment until I realized it was a lightning bug! Somehow they've been getting into our apartment -- we've caught several and released them outside. We missed this one and as soon as the lights went out it lit up. My Man and I laughed as it flew around our room, flashing. Then zzzzzzzt! it flew right into the standing fan! There was an explosion of light as firefly fragments shot out of the fan. Gross, huh? Poor firefly. It was just doing its job. What a horrible way to die.

This morning the Boogie was watching Word World which is an animated PBS program for preschoolers. Each 15-minute episode is full of spelling and making words. She ran into the kitchen and exclaimed, "Honey! Honey! A-O-I-A-O. Book."

That's my girl. Two years old and a speller already. A bad speller, yes, but a speller nonetheless.

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