July 27, 2009

The Humidity

We haz it. Google says it is 78 degrees and humidity is at 85%. 78 degrees is perfect for me. I happily open all my windows and turn on some fans and get a nice breeze through our apartment. But the humidity wipes me out. I can't open the windows and let it in. Praise the Lord for central air!

Last night after church we had a humdinger of a storm blow through. We were still at church having a meeting of VBS workers when the wind picked up, torrential rain began, hail hailed down, lightning flashed and thunder thundered. It was crazy. We lost power at church (but carried on with the meeting) and a huge limb came off one of the trees on the grounds. We had to take a different route home as there was another giant limb across the road near the church. I like thunderstorms but not really that kind. Too destructive.

At the end of last week we had a finances seminar at church. Some teens generously pitched in to help out with nursery so that the ladies could attend most of the sessions. The seminar was very good and informative and we learned a lot! Hopefully we can implement a lot of that in order to be the best stewards we can be with what God has entrusted us.

On Saturday afternoon we went to a local Farm Fair. It was SO HOT but we walked around and looked at everything. The Boogie liked the animals though she was leery of big cows and loud roosters. My Man and I are people-watchers and watching people at the fair was better even than going to Walmart.

Vacation Bible School is next week. My Man is Skit Guy again and this year I am Snack Lady. I will also help MIL decorate her classroom on Sunday. The Boogie will play with cousins every night for a week and everyone will be exhausted when it is over. But it will be worth it!

I am d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g today. For some reason, though I went to bed at a reasonable time, I didn't sleep very well. I blame the humidity. I even went back to bed after My Man left for work but was only able to doze a little bit more. I need another cup of coffee. Any excuse for another cup of coffee, right?


I Was Born In 1984! said...

It is supposed to be hitting 90-100 this week, we don't see weather that hot very often, so we are going to be laying low. We had some thunderstorms and rain AND heat on Saturday, strange...

Cove Girl said...

It's been humid here too. I don't have anything but a sheet on my bed these days

Engrafted Lives said...

We may be breaking a record high today in the Pacific NW. Here on the island we are at 94 degrees and Seattle is expecting anywhere from 100-103. Hot, did I say hot?

nene8200 said...

Guess what? We haz it now, too...Like walking into a brick wall of humidity! Reminds me of home. :)