March 13, 2009

Boogie Antics

Today the Boogie started asking, "Wha' dat?" Her little voice sounds so cute. I'll try to get a video of that but meanwhile here are a couple from a week or so ago.

Having a little chat:

Climbing into her crib:

The landing on her head thing concerned us for a bit but she has since learned to kind of launch herself sideways so it doesn't happen anymore. I am constantly finding her in her crib during the day. She only gets binkies at naptime and bedtime so she knew they were in her crib -- I've had to start putting them somewhere else during the day!

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No No Nanette said...

it's funny because Katie recently started asking me, "what's dis?" She wants a word to go with every object. Don't you love little 2 year old (or almost 2) voices? S cute:)