March 15, 2009


We've been finding evidence of mice in the church nursery. FIL put down traps yesterday and this morning there were two deceased rodents in them. Blech. My brave Man disposed of them for me. After church tonight we picked up all the toys and set traps again. Hopefully the two who met their demise last night were the only nocturnal nursery frolickers. *shudder*

Yesterday we went to a Cars-themed birthday party for H-man. There were lots of little chilluns there and they all did so well, even the birthday boy when they crowded around him while he opened his gifts! It was a fun party with great company, lots of good food, and a fabulous cake made by H-man's talented mom. The Boogie drank a cup full of green Hawaiian punch and was wired all evening. That's the last time she gets to drink that stuff ...

The other day the Boogie started asking, "Wha' dat?" She was looking at a book with her daddy and was pointing out things and asking rapid-fire, "Wha' dat? Wha' dat? Wha' dat?" Then she slowed it down, "Whaaaa' [pause] dat?" as she stabbed a finger at pictures.

For Christmas my Mamaw sent the Boogie this book, Baby Cakes. It's a sweet little going-to-bed book with a little rhyming story that starts out like this, "Baby cakes, baby cakes, I love you. Baby cakes, baby cakes, yes I do!" The Boogie loves it and I've read it so many times that I have it memorized. When she has a hard time settling down in her crib it helps for me to sing to her, and recently she's been asking for "Baby Takes," so I recite it to her, sometimes several times. Last night we had (yet another) battle of the wills when she woke up in the middle of the night and wanted out of her crib. I made sure she was okay and had everything necessary for sleep (burpie, binky, cup), quoted Baby Cakes twice and told her to lay down and go to sleep, and I left. She cried, of course. I don't mind the crying. I mean, I can handle listening to her cry. It doesn't really bother me. But when she started sobbing, "Mama? Maaaamaaa? Whey ah you, Mama?" well, it just broke my heart. Then she called out, still weeping, "Mama, baby takes? Baby takes? I luh you!" I knew she was okay and didn't need anything, but it was soooo hard not to go get her out of her crib and snuggle on the couch with her and tell her Baby Cakes over and over until she fell asleep. :( Sometimes it's hard to be the mama.

She was a happy girl today, and told Mrs. S in the nursery this morning that she had a " 'tinky diaper," and she did have one! Another step! And we all took nice, long naps this afternoon. Lest you forget, I love naps.

The sweetest thing she did today was after church tonight. I cut up a "got gog" (hot dog) for her and had her sit at her little table to eat it. I prayed with her and went into the kitchen. A minute later My Man hissed at me to come back, and there was the Boogie, sitting at her table with her head bowed and her hands folded and babbling something that ended with "got gog, a-men." Awww, my baby thanking the Lord for her food all by herself. It made me weepy!

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Wendy Glosser said...

at least they were dead!!! :-)