March 21, 2009

How To Slow Down Your Toddler

Buy her a pair of these boots:

The first thing she did this morning was find her daddy's glasses on the nightstand and twist them into a pretzel. :( This is probably somewhat of a blessing in disguise since he is sorely in need of an eye exam, new contact lenses, and new glasses; however, it was not the best start to his day. They had a little Daddy/Boogie date and checked out the local tractor supply store where cute Boogie-sized boots were on sale. While they were gone I scrubbed the bathroom but forgot to close the door when I was finished ... as soon as they got home the Boogie discovered the toilet brush still dripping into the toilet and had fun playing with it. EWWW! Thankfully we caught her right away and I don't think she tried to taste it. Blech. Nothing like a Clorox-flavored drink from the toilet brush.

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