March 2, 2009

A True Snow Day

We were supposed to get 10-14 inches of snow last night. Since My Man leaves so early for work he knew the roads wouldn't be plowed. When he got up at 3:45 this morning he looked outside, said, "I'm calling out," and came back to bed. Praise the Lord for floating holidays! It was so nice to have him home all day and I think the several extra hours of sleep he got really helped him kick the cold he was getting. We didn't get even close to the predicted amount of snow but we did get several inches. A little bit ago he bundled up the Boogie and took her outside for a few minutes of playtime. It is very, very cold so they didn't stay out for very long!

Last night while we were at church a transformer blew and we lost all power. Of course everyone pulled out cell phones to light the search for flashlights and candles. FIL finished up his sermon by candlelight! It was an interesting evening.

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Cove Girl said...

I always enjoy candle light services.