March 19, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Please prepare bells to be rung and paeans to be sung!

My back/neck feels much better today. I would imagine it will be mostly back to normal by the weekend.

A little while ago I noticed the Boogie walking around with her pants around her ankles. I chased after her to pull them back up, but she evaded me and ran right into her room and sat down on her potty. A bit later I realized that she had a " 'tinky diaper" and I think she did it while sitting there! Hmmm. Perhaps the child has a better grasp of a potty chair's purpose than one would think ...

I need oatmeal raisin cookies. I am going to make these Cape Cod Oatmeal Cookies (but without the nuts or the 1/2 cup of melted shortening. I only use 1/2 cup of melted butter.) They are the best ever!

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nene8200 said...

Sounds like something Seth-O would do!