April 8, 2009

Birthday Present!

While on the phone with my BFF a.k.a. Mrs. Cowboy, she told me she had ordered a gift for the Boogie and it was supposed to arrive today. Sure enough, it came during naptime so I saved it to open when she woke up.

I was laughing so hard at all the wrapping, and how the Boogie was thanking her Daddy for the packing paper as she pulled it out of the box.

But she really does love it and played with it for a long time until I put it away (I'm afraid she'll drop something on the floor and I'll step on it and crush it.) Although it's a tea set you know what she thinks it's for: coffee. Fitting, don't you think, Mrs. Cowboy?
Thank you very much for such a sweet and thoughtful gift. :)


Engrafted Lives said...

Very adorable!

Fisch Sticks said...

Holy moses, that was a lot of bubble for something so small! LOL We're really glad she liked it! I think I love your daughter that much more for the coffee comment. She's one smart cookie!