April 8, 2009

Laundry Woes

Yesterday was laundry day at 52. As I was pulling load #4 out of the dryer I noticed pink splotches on several things. OF COURSE that was the load of the Boogie's and my clothes. I was almost in tears as I pulled out seemingly one pink-splotched thing after another. At the very back was the culprit, a pair of red denim Boogie pants. Remember when I went through her clothes? Those red pants were down at the very bottom of her drawer; I had never dressed her in them before. I wish I had left them where they were. She wore them one day last week and I didn't like them. They looked stiff and uncomfortable and bulky. Now I hate them because they stained my clothes! Of course I didn't notice it until after I dried the clothes, and of course I didn't have time to treat and re-wash anything because we had to leave. Today I carefully checked everything in that load and it wasn't as bad as I originally thought. These are the splotchy casualties:
  • 1 Mama shirt
  • 1 white Mama cami (Mama wears camis under almost everything)
  • 2 Boogie shirts (OF COURSE they are two of my absolute favorites to dress her in)
  • 1 Boogie one-piece romper
  • at least 1 burpie
  • multiple socks

I will be doing some Shouting and if that doesn't work I'll try OxyClean. If you have any tips please pass them on! Several other white camis have a pink hue to them but since they aren't seen by the public eye I don't really care. A few rounds with hot water and bleach ought to take care of that.

As for red denim pants size 2T, they are going into the Goodwill bag. I know if I keep them I'll probably end up doing this again ...

We had dinner with BIL/SIL2 last night and My Man helped his brother do some work on their roof. The Boogie had a fun time playing with HE and we mamas chatted. SIL2 is the queen of finding good deals and she gave me some coupons and some toothpaste that she got for free. I am trying to be better about coupon clipping and matching them with sales. She told me that Shop Rite will double manufacturer coupons up to a dollar, and Acme up to $1.50! I had no idea! I even use coupons as Shop Rite but I guess I never looked closely at my receipts. You learn something new every day ...

While we were talking I remembered that I needed to go to CVS last night. OF COURSE I didn't have my coupons with me, so after we got home I headed back out to CVS while My Man put the Boogie to bed. A few weeks ago Walgreens had a sale marking Huggies down to $10 a pack, and if you spent $25 you got a coupon for $10 off your next purchase. Someone on my Yuku board posted a link to printable Huggies coupons for $3 and $5 off. I bought 3 packs of diapers using 3 coupons, got my $10 coupon and turned right around and used it for another pack of diapers. I ended up spending $17 for 4 packs of Huggies! I was so thrilled with that. I had one $3 coupon left which expired today. This week CVS ran the same sale. I had a couple of $1.50 coupons as well, so I got 4 packs for $24. Not quite as great a deal but still pretty good and I just found out that SIL1 has some of those coupons left over as well, so now I'm tempted to go back for more! If I do, though, the Boogie will probably be potty-trained within a few months leaving me with multiple packages of unnecessary diapers.

I didn't get home until ten o'clock after my excursion to CVS. My Man was just going to bed as I sat down at the computer to catch up on my blog stalking, er, reading. "Don't stay up too late," he said, "it makes you all weird in the morning."
"What do you mean, weird?" I asked him, puzzled.
"You don't get up!" he said. I have to admit to the truth of that. The later I go to bed, the sooner four o'clock comes. The less sleep I get the less I want to get up! The one upside to his hours being cut next week is sleeping in until 6:00. My goal is to stay up after he leaves. It would be silly to go back to bed, right? Of course it would. We'll see how that goes ...

My BFF called me this morning. I was just thinking about her and how I haven't seen her in almost 3 years. :( It was so nice to talk and get all caught up. The Boogie happily watched Barney while I was on the phone but after a while she came to me and whined, "how 'bout lunch?" That was a first! Usually if she's hungry she's just whiny and I have to guess what she wants. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted something and she answered, "yes, please." Yay for improving toddler manners!


Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with the splotched laundry thing. Sometime last month we had a pen! that ended up in the laundry and dryer. I usually check for things in Scott's pockets and they're usually stuffed with tissue, which is also annoying to pick off stuff, but not ruin it. The pen left ink blots on two pairs of cords. Scott's and Garrison's and several of my tank tops, which I also use under shirts. So I guess that I've learned my lesson too. Didn't happen for almost 6 years of marriage though, so I guess I should feel blessed. I usually try to avoid bright colored t-shirts and clothes for the kids. The cheaper they are the worse they bleed:(

I Was Born In 1984! said...

I am puzzled...Why do you get up at 4 AM?

Also, as your BFF, are you referring to Mandy? Sorry to anyone who reads this and thought that they were her BFF!

Jersey Mama said...

I get up at 4 with mah hubby to make his breakfast and pack his lunch; the more I help, the longer he gets to stay in bed. I go back to bed after he leaves. :)

And yes of course I am referring to Mandy, or as I like to call her, Mrs. Cowboy. She has been my BFF for, well, forever!