April 16, 2009

Peanut Butter, Banana, Honey, And ...

Spread four slices of bread with peanut butter (white would probably taste best but all we had was whole-grain.) Slice banana onto two pieces of bread.

Drizzle honey over the banana.

Top with crispy bacon.

Place the other piece of bread on top of the bacon and butter the side facing up.

Place sandwich on a griddle, butter side down, and butter the side facing up.

Grill to your preferred level of toastiness.

Transfer to a plate, cut in half, and enjoy!

I've never had one of these sandwiches before so I was a little bit sceptical but ended up being pleasantly surprised. My Man wasn't too impressed but I thought it was a fun combo. I could taste each ingredient though nothing was overpowering. I do think it would be better with white bread. The whole-grain was one texture too many. And probably the next time I make it I won't grill it.

The Boogie finally seems to be back to normal after her bout with the squirmy germs. Even though she wasn't truly sick for very long, for several days she was just kind of "off." She hasn't had much of an appetite, either. Mealtimes have been a bit of a struggle. It was kind of hard to tell if she wasn't interested in eating or if she wasn't interested in eating what we wanted her to eat. Finally yesterday I observed that she had no trouble chowing down on food that she liked, so at dinner time we insisted that she eat what we gave her. She sat in her chair for over two hours, whining, crying, holding food in her mouth for long periods of time without chewing, etc. But she ate it! I think we're on the road back to normal Boogie dining habits.

Yesterday morning I opened the Boogie's closet to look for something and got distracted and forgot to close the door. A little bit later I went back in her room and noticed that the closet was open (completely forgetting that I had opened it myself; mommy brain, anyone?) She followed me into her room and I asked her, "Did you open this door?" I truly didn't think she could have since it's a regular door with a knob; I puzzled over it for a few moments until I realized, duh, I had opened it myself. I closed it and continued with what I was doing. A minute later I turned around as she was opening it! It probably wouldn't have even occurred to her to try if I hadn't asked her. Since I keep ALL of my cleaning supplies on the floor of our hall closet (because it's the only place she couldn't get into) I went right to Target and bought door knob covers. I'm thankful that I saw her opening the door the first time. It scares me to think that she could have gotten into my cleaning supplies without my knowing it.

It's a sunny day at last! Seems like we've had days of rain. This weekend is supposed to get up into the upper sixties and low seventies! Very, very nice. :)


Meleah Holloway said...

I've had that sandwich minus the bacon. I would never have thought of adding bacon and because i'm pregnant I still can't think of it without gagging. Glad you kinda liked it though and that you're helping the Boogie through her picky stage. They all try it and like you said it's difficult to know when they just aren't all that hungry. My kids are constantly asking for food, so if they're really hungry then they eat what I give them:) Not much for battles these days, but Caleb usually eats whatever he's given. For now. Glad everyone's feeling better.

Dear Abbi said...

Peanutbutter, bananas, honey and bacon?? Are you sure you're not pregnant?! Were there any pickles or ice cream thrown in for good measure? :) I'm especially suspicious with your case of Mommy brain being so acute...hhhmmm....


Jersey Mama said...

LOL no pickles or ice cream! Actually the sandwiches were Eric's idea and I'm pretty sure he's not pregnant ...