April 19, 2009

Weekend Catch Up

What a nice weekend we've had! Friday was bee-you-tee-ful weather and the Boogie and I went for a nice long walk. That evening was a double baby sprinkle at our church. (FYI, a sprinkle is thrown instead of a shower when it is not the first baby for the expectant mother. It's for "sprinkling" her with things like diapers, etc., since she most likely already has the basic necessities.) It was a fun time with lots of good food, some fun games prepared by moi, and a great devotional given by SIL1. The mamas got some cute clothes, lots of diapers, and some sweet handmade gifts.

Saturday was even more lovely and we spent it cleaning windows! Yay for us! I love all the windows in this apartment but there surely are a lot of them to clean. Of course we couldn't only clean the windows -- the screens, blinds, and curtains had to be washed as well. We hauled those over to 52 where My Man pressure-washed the first two and I made use of the washer and dryer for the latter. (Another FYI: don't pressure-wash your blinds when they are laying flat on the driveway. They do not get as clean as one would think. Next time we'll have to rig something up to keep them off the ground.) We put all the screens up on the top of the windows instead of the bottom so that we can open them all the way and not worry about Boogies falling out of them. It's a long way down, you know! I just about finished off my bottle of Windex and am interested in making my own glass cleaner out of household products. I think I've read about using vinegar. Anyone have a recipe they love?

Of course all of those wide-open windows let in lots and lots of light and all that light showed lots and lots of dust on my furniture ... so I had to dust. I had to. I didn't want to, but I had to. Everything feels nice and clean now. When we were all finished with everything we went for another nice long walk which ended at 52 where the Boogie got to swing and slide. Pasta salad with olives, cheese, red/green/yellow peppers, cucumber, and pepperoni was the perfect dinner to "top off" our day. :)

Almost time to head to church again! Good fellowship, singing, and preaching!

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