April 17, 2009

Life Is Hard When You're Two

Last night we finally got to go to church. I was in the nursery with the Boogie and LCs EK, HE, and DR. They played very nicely together -- the Boogie was delighted to see her cousins. At one point, however, EK had a toy phone that the Boogie wanted. She had a melt-down when I told her she had to wait her turn. In the midst of her weeping EK brought the phone over and told the Boogie, "Here ya go!" The Boogie wept, " 'ank you," held the phone up to her ear and sobbed into it, "Hello? Yeah, I cwyin'!" and the loud wailing continued. It made me laugh.

Speaking of crying, she has started this annoying, "Weh, weh, weh, weh," when she cries about not getting her way or being reprimanded. There are real tears, but instead of regular open-the-mouth-and-cry she is making this obnoxious noise. It is very irritating. How do you explain to the 2-year-old that she needs to cry the regular way?

For the record, I did not come up with the peanut butter-honey-banana-bacon concoction. We saw it on a show that was highlighting this sandwich shop in NYC. If my memory serves me correctly (which it does from time to time), Elvis liked those sandwiches. Anyway, after we saw the show My Man has wanted to try them. I just want to clarify that to allay any suspicions of crazy-hormone-induced diets. As far as I know I am not pregnant ... but anything is possible. For proof, look at these pictures.

The Boogie is proof that when God wants us to have a baby we will have a baby, no matter what our personal plans are!


Dear Abbi said...

That's great! I totally hear 'ya on the "the Lord gives the babies in His time"...I've been surprised twice. When someone asks if I'm pregnant, I normally respond, "Not that I'm aware, but I've been surprised before." :)

nene8200 said...

Seeing those pics again when you became Momma is just so touching!

Mama D said...

Isn't is great to have a 2 year old? You think explaining how to cry normal is hard, try explaining a baby brother in your belly (-: I think she thinks I'm crazy but still indulges me. "Ehee (Hailey)oves Acksin", she says as she pats my belly. What a cute and yet trying age.