April 2, 2009

No April Fools

I worked on an April Fools post inside my mind yesterday but I didn't come up with anything good and then I forgot to write, anyway. Oh well. I didn't "get" anyone with any practical jokes or anything but my sister got me good last night via text message. In my own defense I was almost asleep so maybe I wasn't thinking clearly and that's why she got me ...? Nah. I'm gullible. I'm the first to admit it. She got me good.

Actually I'm not a big fan of practical jokes. I don't do them to other people because I don't like it when they're played on me. I don't mind hearing about practical jokes that are played by other people on other people, as long as they aren't harmful. I just don't care to be involved in any way, shape, or form. :)

Yesterday the Boogie and I stayed home. It was rainy and chilly. I sorted through her toys and put them in their proper places which was easier than I had anticipated. I guess it hasn't been too long since the last time I did that. Then I went through her closet and dresser. Her drawers were crammed full of clothes and I've only been dressing her in the stuff that's on top! So I pulled some things out that are definitely too small and re-folded and re-organized and even came up with a new outfit or two. She certainly has a lot of clothes, thanks to older cousins and their hand-me-downs! I also found a couple of dresses that might work for Easter. There's even one with a little jacket in case that day is on the chilly side.

When naptime came I was still knee-deep in clothes in the Boogie's room so I set up the little crib in our room so she could sleep in there. She thought that was very cool. When she woke up I lowered the side and pushed the crib up against our bed so she could get in and out. She stood by the side and counted "One, two, free!"" then flipped herself into the crib. Then she did the same thing onto the bed. Then she said, "Woo-hoo! Yay, yippee! It's fun! It's amasin'!"
Here is her favorite place to play:
And what's that behind her? Oh, it's her baby:
Sometimes I'm afraid she'll get stuck in there but so far so good:
Lots of errands to run today, including grocery shopping and going to have lunch with My Man at work.

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No No Nanette said...

I HATE practical jokes - I am totally with you on that one. My husband learned the hard way many years ago:P