April 13, 2009

No Escape

I should have known better than to think I would avoid those germs. They were surrounding me on all sides. I guess there really was no escape. They made their attack early Saturday morning and I spent most of the day on the couch. Thankfully I didn't experience too much of the gastrointestinal effects, if you know what I mean. I was mostly "just" queasy and kinda sorta felt like I'd been hit by a truck. By Sunday we all felt pretty well for the most part but decided to stay home from church anyway because it had been less than 24 hours since I was sick; also the Boogie was still producing some nasty diapers. There was no way we wanted to chance passing anything on to anyone else. We "attended" morning and evening services at Lehigh Valley Baptist Church via their live video stream which was pretty cool. Our preference is to actually attend church in person but that was an acceptable alternative for a sick Sunday at home! I felt so badly that My Man's three-day weekend was spoiled but I'm thankful that if we HAD to get sick it was then because he didn't have to go to work not feeling well, and he was around to help out when I wasn't well.

My Man started his 40-hour work week today. We stayed in bed until 5:45! On a weekday! Shocking! It was actually really nice. We were able to spend a little more time together in prayer and Bible reading before he left, and the sun was coming up for his commute. When he got to work he texted me that there were other cars on the road during his drive. :) I guess at 4:30 a.m. you just don't see that many other drivers.

I forgot to post these Boogie pics the other day. She was carrying around her baby doll and being all lovey, so I rigged up a little sling for her out of a scarf. She carried the doll around for a long time, patting it and cooing at it. When My Man came home she whispered to him, "Shhh, Daddy, baby s'eepin'."


Dear Abbi said...

I love the slippers!

Sorry to hear that you were sick, but glad that it wasn't worse.

Engrafted Lives said...

Your uncanny ability to repeat and write down your daughter's sayings is great. You really bring her words alive and I just love it. Your daughter is absolutely a cutie pie!

I am sorry to hear that you ended up getting that nasty bug too! No fun at all.

Hope your week goes well. Take care.

No No Nanette said...

love the dolly sling! Katie might like that - I'll have to give it a try:)