April 28, 2009

Boogie Birthday!

I never posted about the Boogie's birthday! I think she had a great day -- she woke up to balloons all over the apartment and a birthday banner on the wall. Every time she looked at it she would tell herself "happy birthday!" Throughout the day I gave her little gifts to open. That afternoon her Mom Mom and Pop Pop treated us to Chuck E. Cheese, then the rest of the family joined us afterward here at our place for cupcakes and ice cream. It was a really lovely day and I was very satisfied that she enjoyed it, which was, of course, my goal!

Opening gifts at Chuck E. Cheese

Not too sure about the toddler rides ...

... but loved the driving games.

She's a terrible driver.

See the slightly bewildered look on her face? That's pretty much how she looked the entire time we were there. :)

Family picture!

Singing happy birthday. She blew out the candles herself!

Small, toddler-sized cakes seemed appropriate for turning 2.

Yummy cu'cake!

More presents.

The H-man stayed for a while after everyone left. That sparkly confetti stuff was EVERYWHERE! This picture does not do it justice.
The last lonely cupcake.

Her birthday was Wednesday, and she spent Thursday through Saturday at 52. This is what happened on Sunday after church:


Engrafted Lives said...

Looks like the Boogie had a great time. I absolutely love the picture of her sitting at the table with her drink and that big grin on her face. Adorable!

I Was Born In 1984! said...

Aww, every kid has to go to Chuck E Cheese for their birthday! Who is this H-Man? We already have an H-Man! Their cannot be two!!! BTW, Dena looks JUST like you R.

Cove Girl said...

She looked like she was on sensory overload

nene8200 said...

For a two-year-old, she sure knows how to live it up! That last pic is awesomely adorable! :D