April 26, 2009

Hot Heat

It is here. This is April? What happened to spring? I mean, I luuuuuuv summertime. I like heat. But I like to gradually adjust to it. And I like my air conditioning to work. The interwebz says that it's 91 degrees outside. My thermostat maxes out at 90 ... and that's where the needle is hovering. I would have liked to discover faulty air conditioning when it was more like 80 degrees. At least the power hasn't gone out. That's what happened on the first hot day of last summer, when everyone in the borough decided it was time to turn on their window units (this is a town full of old buildings; few of them have central air.) At least we can still use our fan. And we can go to church tonight where it will be cooler. I hope.


Island Girl said...

Haha...we're still waiting for spring to come around. I think it might finally be here!

Anonymous said...

We got snow flurry for about 10 minutes yesterday morning and this week it's supposed to be back up to 70:) Love the weather changes, especially since it stumps the global warming people. They're still having snow storms in certain parts of the country.

Engrafted Lives said...

What is 90 degree weather? I haven't experience those temps in years.

I'm with Island Girl, we are experiencing some very nice Spring weather and today is no exception.

Mrs. Sargent and I are heading over to see the tulip fields this evening and I am really looking forward to going.