April 29, 2009

Spring Has Returned

Today was rainy and cool in the morning, then sunshiny and lovely this afternoon. Our apartment stayed cosy from all the heat it absorbed over the past week or so.

This morning the Boogie sat on my lap and said, "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday." I didn't even know she knew any of those. We tried to say the rest of the week but it sounded like "mumble-day, mumble-day, mumble-day." We'll work on that. We are also working on colors. She can identify orange and thinks every other color is green, though if we practice a few times she gets red correct. I'm trying to teach her the Spanish words for the colors as well, which means that I had to learn them. If you have a just-turned-two-year-old, stop reading right now and go get them to say "anaranjado." It's funny.

It's fascinating to me to hear the Boogie speaking in sentences. When did this happen? It's so cute. I love this age! She also recently started referring to herself in the third person and using her name in the possessive form.

Tonight the ladies from church met at Friendly's for dinner with one of us who is moving away soon. We had a nice time though it took forever for them to take our orders, and then we waited almost an hour to get our food. H-man came up to hang out with the Boogie and My Man, and then BIL1 came up with EK and DR. It must have been crazy around here! I'd better go help My Man with some clean-up ...


I Was Born In 1984! said...


I can't even pronounce it... I will try and get Bug to say it. She too does the possessive thing, as in, "that's mine, that's mine, that's mine" everything is "mine". They are pretty funny at this age though.

Amanda Esparza said...

hahaha, Allison also thinks every color is green :) Actually is more like "geen"