February 1, 2015

Thankfulness Month 3.0

It's that time again, folks. It's the middle of winter -- when the cold feels never ending, when the forecast of yet more snow makes you want to weep, and when your skin and lips are so chapped that you decide to buy stock in Jergens and Chapstick. And so, it is time for the annual Thankfulness Month.

I kinda sorta missed it last year. (Actually I completely, totally missed it last year. But saying that I only kinda sorta missed it makes it seem not so bad.) Being 87 months pregnant and then bringing home a brand-new baby makes you forget some things. (I'm full of exaggeration today.)

This year I will be joined in thankfulness by Peabody and the Boogie as well as a few others (you know who you are!) Here's hoping I can remember to write every day after a year of hardly blogging at all ...

Today the Boogie is thankful for a warm house.
Peabody is thankful for Mr. A.
I am thankful for:
-all of us being able to go to church together, for both services, for the first time in 3 weeks.
-a fun time of fellowship with good friends.
-watching Mr. A naturally do those "boy" things like throwing balls and playing with hockey sticks.
-instant communication with my family in Warshington (I just got a text from my Pops. I love that.)
-these three cuties!

Okay, it's your turn! Come on, I challenge you too! It doesn't have to be five things (that's my own personal challenge) but I know you can come up with at least one thing every day.

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