February 21, 2015


Welp, forgot to ask the girls again. Also forgot to get a picture of the spectacular outfit Peabody was wearing: brown & tan striped turtleneck under red & white striped jumper with gray & white striped leggings, teal & white striped socks, and a blue & pink striped headband. The girl's got class, I'm telling you.

As for me, I'm thankful for:
-the physical ability to shovel snow. Now I don't feel one bit of guilt about the calories in that snow ice cream I ate earlier.
-Mr. A learning how to give kisses. It's so cute, I can hardly stand it.
-selling some things and getting the price I'd prayed for.
-my Nook. It is so nice to lay in bed and read until I am sleepy.
-leftovers for dinner.

Mr. A got to play with snow for the first time today. He doesn't have any snow gear so I didn't want to take him outside, but I brought some in for him and he played with it until it was just a slushy puddle on his tray and then he got mad when I took him out of his seat.

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