February 7, 2015

TMD7, or Mr. A Has a Party

Today the Boogie is thankful for aquariums.
Peabody is thankful for water to drink.

I'm thankful for:
-family who took the time today to celebrate Mr. A's birthday.

-my ILs opening up their home for us to have the party, since squeezing 20 people into our house would have been quite a feat.
-for a happy birthday boy! He won't let me look in his mouth but maybe that molar is finally all the way through.
-cameras and phones with which to take lots and lots of pictures!
-having the party I wanted for Mr. A. Normally I have a laid-back attitude about birthdays, but I've been thinking about and planning this one for a while, and I'm thankful that God allowed it to come together the way I'd hoped.

And now ... the pictures. I did, wonder of wonders, remember to take the camera with me AND remember to take batteries AND remember to actually take pictures. Then I left it at 52. So I'll add those pictures later. But MIL sent me some that she took and Eric took a lot with his phone. 

I spent hours and hours this past week working on stuff like these crab cookies,

fondant crab cake toppers,

a birthday cake,

and a smash cake.

I was really happy with how everything turned out, especially since I'd never worked with fondant before. There were, however, multiple times during the process when I thought, "What is wrong with me?! Why did I decide to do this?!"

MIL and I (and Costco and Chikfila) collaborated on food.

And a friend made the birthday boy's shirt! 

Both sets of great-grandparents came over the river from Delaware, which was so nice of them.

And there were lots of cousins.

Reenie came too! I told her she is family, whether she likes it or not. Ha!

He got lots of gifts. Mostly he was interested in the wrapping and packaging, and would cheer for himself when he pulled tissue paper out of a bag or wrapping paper off of a box ...

... but occasionally a toy would grab his interest and he would start to wander off with it

or sit down and start playing with it. He got lots of things with buttons to push, which are his favorite.

Then it was time for cake.

He wasn't very sure about all of those people singing to him.

Then he started hamming it up

and digging in.

It was quite a satisfactory day!

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