February 28, 2015

TMD28: The Last Day

Today the Boogie is thankful for elements. As in, periodic table of. Don't even ask. I have no idea.
Peabody is thankful for light.

I'm thankful:
-for posting every single day for a whole month! I've long passed my posting total for the entirety of last year.
-for others who took my challenge and posted along with me. I really enjoyed reading your thankfulnesses.
-that February is O-V-E-R. Spring is right around the corner! Only 20 days to go!
-being able to celebrate the arrival of a friend's baby today (he didn't arrive today, but we finally were able to celebrate today!) It was a very nice time and the baby slept through the whole thing.
-for God's Word and knowing that every bit of it is true.
-for Jesus dying on the cross FOR ME. For ME. What incredible love that is, I can't even fully comprehend it. But I am grateful!
-that God cares about me as well as the things that concern me.

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