February 5, 2015


Today the Boogie is thankful for, in her own words, "animals that we can kill and eat." Eric said, "You mean you're thankful for meat?" "No," she said patiently, "I'm thankful for animals we can kill and eat." I was not expecting that sentiment from the Boogie who wants to be a veterinarian!
Peabody is thankful for God.

I missed posting theirs yesterday because I've been staying up very late every night, posting right before I go to bed, and by that time I can't remember anything that anyone said to me over the course of the day. The only reason I remembered today's was because I wrote it down right when they told me!


I'm thankful for:
-conversations with the 4-year-old. Tonight's went like this ...
Me: "Peabody, are you an introvert?"
P: "What does that mean?"
Me: "Do you get exhausted in social situations?"
P: "Well, sometimes, when Poppop is preaching, I get really tired and I want to go to sleep."
-Tylenol for little people who are cutting their molars and who are, therefore, very crabby at naptime. And at other random times during the day.
-a certain crabby little person wanting his mama to hold him. I don't get a lot of snuggle time with this one, so I gotta take what he's willing to give me!
-a full tank of heating oil.
-God's faithfulness.

"If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself."
I Timothy 2:13

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