February 19, 2015


Today the Boogie is thankful for our kitchen.
Peabody is thankful for the earth because "it makes us food, like turkey, and cow, and even chicken."

I'm thankful for:
-the fact that I vacuumed before Mr. A dumped an entire load of clean laundry plus the contents of the scarf basket all over the living room floor including the entryway. I did take a picture to post but then realized that I don't really care to put a picture of our family's underwear on the internet for all to see.
-how willingly the Boogie worked to do double her school today so that we can take tomorrow off.
-our dishwasher. I just put stuff in there, add some detergent, and turn it on and an hour later, clean dishes. I love that.

-only 28 days till spring.

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