February 25, 2015


Goodness, I can't believe this month is almost over. I am so looking forward to spring.

Today the Boogie is thankful for our snow shovel.
Peabody tried to say that she is thankful for her lally but I reminded her that she said that another time. She had to think for a bit and I was pretty sure she was going to say she was thankful for her thumb, but she said clothes instead.

I'm thankful for:
This kid is decidedly not a snuggler. I'm lucky if I get 3 minute stretches when he wakes in the morning and after his naps. It is super rare for him to fall asleep while I'm holding him. So I try to take advantage of it when it happens.
-and also this:
It's hard to see but the leggings are also striped. Stripes are in right now in the Jersey Mama household.
-voluntary, unsolicited kisses from Mr. A.
-little sewing projects that don't take too long. They make me happy, and I feel like I accomplished something.
-Mama Dog. I know, I know ... she's not my favorite living thing. After a certain happening last summer I really couldn't even look at her without loathing for several months (no exaggeration.) And I'm sure that she probably thinks her name is actually Stupid Dog (although I really try to only mutter it under my breath lest my children reprove me for using the forbidden word stupid.) But the kids love her, I do like the watch dog aspect, and as dogs go she's not so bad, I guess, especially since she puts up with this kind of thing ...

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Meleah said...

Such a cute little sleeping snuggler:). I LOVE baby snuggles, especially after bathtime!