February 8, 2015


Today the Boogie is thankful that we weren't in an accident (there was no narrow miss or anything but there was an accident in front of the church right before we left.)
Peabody is thankful that we drove the "fun way" home from church.

I'm thankful for:
-homeschooling which means I don't have to get up and go anywhere tomorrow or get anyone else ready to go anywhere tomorrow.
-"I Love Lucy" ... we've been buying the seasons and watching them together. I forgot how funny it is.

-funny Boogie-isms. She doesn't come up with them as often as she used to, but sometimes we hear things like this: "Honey, when I exhale all the way and relax my body, I weigh more. And when I breathe in, I get lighter. I just figured that out!" I guess she must breathe helium instead of oxygen.
-party food leftovers for lunch today.
-hardly any cake leftovers, thanks to Mr. A's Birthday Party 2.0, which was really just cake at church tonight, which in all honesty was actually just me trying to get rid of the rest of the cake since we only ate the top tier at yesterday's party. And he was called up to the front so everyone could sing to him. I wish we'd gotten video because when everyone started singing he got a big smile on his face, and then he got embarrassed and buried his face in FIL's shoulder, but he couldn't resist looking out at everyone again.

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